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10,000 years of experience in one investment check.


As battle-tested operators and decision makers at some of the world’s top companies, we’re constantly looking for new products to add to our toolbox.

After countless sales demos with entrepreneurs and founders, we realized the potential for greater opportunity to provide venture capital, to invest and work alongside them.

FOG Ventures was created to invest and support innovative founders that are helping create toolbox 2.0 for the modern day Office of the Operator (CEO, CFO, COO, People/Talent, Biz Ops, Strategy, RevOps).

Unlike most VC financing, we’re not just investing in what we believe in — as active operators, we’re investing in products we actually use.

Got an amazing product for us to try? Shoot us a message below :)

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Job van der Voort CEO & Co-Founder, Remote

While we were plenty oversubscribed, I am so glad we chose to allocate to FOG.  It's unlike any traditional syndicate.  The end to end experience, exposure, support and amazing feedback was true value-add far beyond money.  On top of that, it was the most fun I've had getting feedback and gaining a great group of highly talented and connected fans. I highly recommend FOG.

Job van der Voort

CEO & Co-Founder, Remote

Sasha Orloff CEO & Founder, Puzzle

The FOG Syndicate is invaluable in both our fundraising as well as our business. You get a highly engaged audience that shares direct feedback about your business from real CFOs, finance and operations teams of top venture-backed companies - both the positive and the negative, and actual customers! I couldn't imagine NOT pitching FOG. Get capital, professional feedback on your product and vision, customers, and we even hired an executive from the syndicate!

Sasha Orloff

CEO & Founder, Puzzle

Adam Markowitz CEO & Co-Founder, Drata

The operators and leaders within FOG understand the pain and financial burden Drata is solving in the market for security and compliance teams and have provided immediate value pre and post investment. They’re fast, insightful, supportive, vocal supporters and they match the passion and tenacity at the core of Drata. A truly strategic investor.

Adam Markowitz

CEO & Co-Founder, Drata

Kat Orekhova Co-Founder & CEO, Vareto

FOG is simply amazing. The density and relevance of LPs is unparalleled for a finance startup. In addition to massive customer exposure, FOG pitch sessions are like a 3-day GTM bootcamp. We're delighted with all of the feedback and community support we received.

Kat Orekhova

Co-Founder & CEO, Vareto

Thejo Kote Founder & CEO, Airbase

The FOG syndicate is made up of an incredible group of operators who bring a diverse set of experiences across every type of business model possible. They're smart, informed investors and a community of polential customers at the same time - an amazing combination for founders. An investment from FOG is a great signal that startup operators at the frontlines of some of the most well-known startups and growth-stage companies see value in your product. The candid and open feedback that you get from the community about your product is just icing on the cake. While FOG is an especially good fit for companies that sell into the office of the CFO, they can help any startup given the breadth of experience of the community. At the least, pitching to the FOG community is free captive marketing to leaders at some of the fastest-growing startups.

Thejo Kote

Founder & CEO, Airbase

Rujul Zaparde CEO & Co-Founder, Zip

FOG has been so incredibly supportive and easy to work with. I was blown away by the incredible exposure, engagement, reach and value-add they provided, particularly the CFOs. We were fortunate enough to have a highly oversubscribed round and had to be very selective with our allocation — I couldn’t be happier that we chose to work with FOG.

Rujul Zaparde

CEO & Co-Founder, Zip

David Campbell CEO & Co-Founder, Tropic

FOG is an absolute no-brainer to a founder. We got new investors, new advisors, and new customers all in one package, with very little time investment from me. Hard to think of getting that kind of ROI anywhere else. I’m skeptical of things like this as a rule, but FOG has over-delivered in every way.

David Campbell

CEO & Co-Founder, Tropic

Alvaro Morales CEO & Co-Founder, Orb

FOG is an incredibly strong network of operators and finance decision-makers that offers targeted perspectives and input to your business. I highly recommend FOG to any founder looking to make the most out of fundraising: relevant investors and advisors coming on board, actionable GTM feedback, and the equivalent of tens of sales calls with decision-makers all packed into a tight and effective process. The exposure is unique and the ROI is massive.

Alvaro Morales

CEO & Co-Founder, Orb

Mike Gonzalez CEO & Founder, Trace

I highly recommend the FOG syndicate to any founders building tools for business operators. As a long-time member of the community and one of their first investments, I know the power of the people behind the investment. They're experienced, thoughtful, and will do anything they can to help you win. More than just check writers, they invest in tools they believe in and will use. Customers, community, smart capital, true believers ... what more can a founder ask for?

Mike Gonzalez

CEO & Founder, Trace

Matt Schulman Founder & CEO, Pave

I couldn't be more thrilled to be working with FOG. Historically, Pave has been more focused on the CHRO persona. Now, we are now actively considering ways to build offerings that address CFO pain points. FOG has been the highest leverage way to meet 100+ CFOs and hear their feedback in real-time. 10 out of 10 recommend working with FOG and their network of exceptional finance leaders. 

Matt Schulman

Founder & CEO, Pave

Cathy Han CEO & Co-Founder, Levro

FOG is connected to a broad network and gives you access to a diverse set of operators. They bring great insights and help teams tailor their products for their target audience. If you're looking for more exposure to a community of operators who are open with thoughtful perspectives and feedback, FOG Is the place to be.

Cathy Han

CEO & Co-Founder, Levro








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